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7 February 2022

The below map shows Hotels In Sulphur Springs Tx

Sulphur Springs is a city in, and the county seat of, Hopkins County, Texas, United States. It is located northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and is part of the Texoma region. Sulphur Springs gets its name from the sulphur springs in the area.

Sulphur Springs was formed in 1873 by General Thomas Jefferson Rusk, who was considered one of the founders of Texas. He later served as president of the Republic of Texas (1838 1841).

The first Anglo-American settler in what became Hopkins County was Thomas Harrison (1798 1867) a native of Alabama who moved to Tennessee and then to Missouri before settling in what became Hopkins County. In 1837 he established a trading post at Bright Star, twelve miles north of present-day Sulphur Springs. He opened a general store, saloon and blacksmith shop. He also served as postmaster and judge in addition to engaging in farming. His sons built roads connecting his business with other settlements. The community came to be known as Harrison's Saline but ceased to exist after residents were forced to flee during an Indian raid in 1839.

Hopkins County was named for David Hopkins, a pioneer settler who established a home near Beaver Creek (near present-day Sulphur Bluff) about 1817. The settlers started arriving in this part of North Central Texas after 1836 and soon outnumbered the Caddo Indians. In 1841 John Henry Brown surveyed and laid out a townsite for what became Sulphur Springs. It was not until 1845 that a post office was granted; it was first called Bright Star but changed to Sulphur Springs in 1851.

In 1850 the city had 24 residents and two businesses; by 1860 it had grown to 150 residents and six stores.

The city of Sulphur Springs, located in the northeastern part of Texas, is known as the "Hub City." The town was originally named Bright Star but was later renamed Sulphur Springs because of the many mineral springs in the area. This quaint town is home to only about 15,000 residents, but it's a popular retreat for tourists who are looking to escape the city and experience some of the local attractions.

Celebrate an Annual Festival

Every March, Sulphur Springs becomes the center of attention when the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Festival takes place. The festival offers a glimpse into life during the late 1800s and early 1900s. You might see children playing with stick horses or hear folks singing folk songs around a campfire. There are also arts and crafts demonstrations and a variety of contests for young and old alike.

Sulphur Springs is a hub for antiques, which means it's easy to find a place to shop for antique treasures year round. But if you want to spend an entire day or two shopping for antiques, Sulphur Springs is host to Antique Alley Texas twice a year, once in May and again in October.

Sulphur Springs has a large downtown area with many historic buildings. The city has restored much of its historic downtown square, including many of its historic buildings. The downtown area includes gift shops, clothing stores, banks, restaurants and offices housed in buildings with unique architectural design.[citation needed]

The Hopkins County Courthouse is located at the center of the square and dominates the skyline of the county. Surrounding it are several government offices as well as some medical facilities and professional offices for lawyers, doctors and dentists.

Sulphur Springs is home to a variety of shopping centers and retailers including Walmart Supercenter and Brookshires Grocery Company.

The city hosts events throughout the year such as Celebrate the Season at Christmas time and Soak up Sulphur Springs in June which celebrates community spirit with a parade, live entertainment and other activities.