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21 April 2022

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History of Altoona Pennsylvania

In the early 1800s, a small village known as Fairview developed along the banks of the Juniata River. The area was rich in natural resources and had been a hunting ground for Native Americans for centuries prior to European settlement. A log cabin trading post was erected near the mouth of Canoe Creek and served as a gateway to the region for traders from New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In 1812, Chief Logan of the Cayugas granted permission to Abraham Wolf to build a grist mill on Canoe Creek, which led to further development of the area. In 1849, a sawmill was built on Canoe Creek, followed by other mills and factories as well as a tannery. These industries played an important role in bringing additional settlers to what became known as Altoona.

Altoona was incorporated as a borough in 1840 and grew steadily in size over the next two decades.

In 1849, the Pennsylvania Railroad laid out and built a town site at the top of the Allegheny Mountains around its Altoona Works. This was because it was easier to build on this plateau than in the valleys below.

Altoona's first employer was the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). The railroad made the town a company town, with houses for workers, schools, churches and stores.

The Altoona & Logan Valley Railroad was chartered in 1852 and began operating trains between Altoona and Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. In 1854, construction began on two turnpike roads which paved the way for increased travel across the Allegheny Mountains into Central Pennsylvania.

Landmarks in Altoona Pennsylvania

Altoona, Pennsylvania is a city located in Blair County. It is home to the world famous Horseshoe Curve, an engineering marvel that opened in 1854, and is also home to the Altoona Works Locomotive Shop, which was once the main repair facility for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The rich history of Altoona is brought to life through its attractions.

Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark

Located just minutes from downtown Altoona off Route 22, Horseshoe Curve is a marvel of railroad engineering that opened in 1854. The curve was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company as a way to safely navigate trains over the Allegheny Mountains. In 1977, Horseshoe Curve became a National Historic Landmark and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, visitors can take a 45-minute tour of this one-of-a-kind attraction and learn about its history at the Horseshoe Curve Visitor Center.

There are many landmarks in Altoona Pennsylvania, but none quite as interesting as the Horseshoe Curve. The Horseshoe Curve is a railroad track owned by the Norfolk Southern Railway. It is located in Logan Township near Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania. The curve itself is shaped like a horseshoe and overlooks the city of Altoona and surrounding countryside. At one point, it was considered to be a major engineering feat because it reduced the grade of the mountains that locomotives had to climb by about 80 feet per mile (15 m/km), making it less steep for trains to travel through the mountains.

The story of the Horseshoe Curve starts in 1828 when the people at Philadelphia wanted to build a railroad through Pennsylvania so they could get coal from Pennsylvania to Philadelphia. The State government agreed to help out with this project because they needed a way for people, goods and raw materials to travel from east to west.

Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum

The Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum brings the history of railroading in Altoona to life through extensive exhibits and displays. Located on Ninth Avenue at 12th Street, this museum has one of the largest collections of railroad memorabilia in North America.

Lakemont Park

Lakemont Park, located just outside of Altoona, Pa., is home to the Skyliner roller coaster, which was first built in 1950 and still operates today. The park also includes a water park called Island Waterpark as well as a miniature golf course and go-kart track.