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23 April 2022

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History of Benezette Pennsylvania

Originally termed "Gambles" for the many bears that gambled in the area, Benezette was founded in 1892 by the Pennsylvania Lumber Company. The lumber company relocated to the village of Driftwood, PA. in 1923, leaving behind a ghost town of 40 buildings.

During the 1950s, the lumber company sold off most of their land to individual buyers who built summer homes. In 1959, timbering interest in the area was revived by plans for a paper mill to be built between Benezette and Driftwood. Though these plans never materialized, timbering has continued at a reduced pace since that time.

The State Game Commission purchased both private and commercial land from 1953 through 1958 and constructed two fish hatcheries - one near Benezette and one near Driftwood, PA. Fish raised at these hatcheries helped to replenish area trout streams.

Benezette is a small borough located in the heart of Elk County, Pennsylvania. Located on PA255 between Medix Run and Weedville, it is well known as the location of the largest free-roaming elk herd in the northeast. The borough was founded by a French aristocrat named Pierre DuBois d'Etchemin in 1825. He took his wife, their 13 children, and one friend's family out to Pennsylvania at the suggestion of a priest. They traveled through Philadelphia and made a brief stop in Pittsburgh before going on to Moshannon State Forest, where they began their settlement. His son later renamed Benezette Creek, which runs through the area, after his deceased sister ("Emily" -> "Mily" -> "Mily's Run" -> "Benezette").

The community was originally known as "DuBois d'Etchemin", but was renamed "Benezette" when it incorporated as a borough in 1912 (the new name came from Benezette Creek). It has been said that during this time it was also called "Fonroque", but no record supports this claim. Regardless of this discrepancy, Fonroque is still used for local businesses and maps today.

Landmarks in Benezette Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania vacation can be a great way to spend your next family vacation. There are so many things to see and do in the state of Pennsylvania that you will find yourself overwhelmed with options. One of the most popular places for tourists to visit is Benezette, PA.

Benezette is a small town located in Elk County, Pennsylvania. It is most known for its large herd of elk that has made this area their home. If you are looking for a great way to experience these beautiful animals then consider visiting Benezette while you are on your Pennsylvania family vacation

There are several different things to do in Benezette, PA that can help you enjoy your vacation even more. For example, the Elk Country Visitor Center is open every day of the week. Here you will find exhibits that teach people about the history and habits of these magnificent animals. You will also learn about the history and culture of the area, which means you will be able to better enjoy your time at Benezette when you come back home

The entire area around Benezette attracts wildlife from all over the country. You will find many different species of wildlife including bears and moose as well as many types of birds that nest in this area around Benezette.

Benezette, Pennsylvania is a small town in Elk County that is home to a large population of elk. In fact, with about 800-1,000 elk, this area boasts one of the largest herds east of the Mississippi River.

The best time for viewing elk is during the time of year when they are mating and bugling (September) or during their winter migration (January-March). While you can often spot elk from your car in the summer, autumn brings many more visitors to Benezette because of the rut.

During the rut, bull elk can often be seen fighting to establish dominance or fighting over females. You may be lucky enough to see two bulls locking antlers as they fight over a harem or hear them bugle as they battle for supremacy.

While there are many places you can stop to view elk in Benezette and its surrounding area, the best place is the Elk Country Visitor Center on Winslow Hill Road just outside of town. The visitor center has an observation deck where you can see elk grazing and resting in a field below or bathing in a stream that runs through it.