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15 May 2022

The below map shows Hotels Near Dawsonville Ga

History of Dawsonville Georgia

The history of Dawsonville Georgia begins in 1828, when the area was first settled by James L. Dawson, who built a log cabin on his land claim. The community that grew up around him was named Dawsonville in his honor.

The settlement was located along the Western and Atlantic Railroad line that ran from Atlanta to Chattanooga. The railroad provided an important means for transporting goods and passengers throughout the region during this time period.

In 1836, Dawsonville was incorporated as a town and named "Dawson" in its own right. Later that same year, it was renamed "Dawsonville" to avoid confusion with another nearby community called "Dawson". Over time, this change would cause many people to think that Dawsonville had always been named after James L. Dawson.

In 1846, gold was discovered in Dahlonega Georgia just north of Dawsonville and the town became known as "the gateway to the gold fields." Many prospectors passed through here on their way to Dahlonega where they hoped to strike it rich mining gold ore from the nearby hillsides using placer mining techniques (those used today).

The history of Dawsonville Georgia dates back to the early 1800s. The town was named after James Dawson, who was an Indian fighter, farmer and land owner. In 1851, he built the first hotel in what is now known as Dawsonville.

Dawsonville was originally called "The Nipple" or "Nipple Springs" because it sat on a hillside surrounded by pine trees that resembled a nipple. The small community grew slowly until it became a busy railroad town when large deposits of iron ore were discovered nearby in the 1860s.

In 1881, the Atlanta & Knoxville Railroad came through town and made Dawsonville an important stop along the route. By 1900, there were two hotels, three churches, two stores and several homes around the railroad station.

During World War II many German prisoners-of-war were brought to Dawsonville to work at local farms and factories. When they arrived they were greeted with signs that said "Hoffmanstown" (the name of another nearby town) but they decided to rename their settlement "Hoffmansegg", which means "little pig farm" in German!

Landmarks in Dawsonville Georgia

There are several landmarks in Dawsonville Georgia that make it a popular tourist destination. The most popular of the landmarks is the Coca-Cola Museum which is located on Highway 400. The museum has over 30,000 square feet of space and is filled with Coca-Cola memorabilia including old bottles, signs and displays. The museum also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase Coke products and souvenirs.

The Dixie Rodeo Company is another popular landmark in Dawsonville Georgia. This company offers regular rodeos as well as special events such as the Wild West Weekend in June and July. The rodeo events include bull riding, barrel racing, team roping and more. Visitors who want to take part in these activities must sign up before heading to the arena since there are only so many spots available for each event.

There are also several parks in Dawsonville Georgia that attract tourists from all over the world including Fort Mountain State Park, which features hiking trails and camping grounds as well as historic buildings that were built during the Civil War era by Union soldiers who were stationed at this location during their time off duty from fighting against Confederate troops during this period in American history.

How to get to Dawsonville Georgia

Dawsonville is located in Dawson County, Georgia. It is about an hour northwest of Atlanta and about an hour south of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The closest airport is Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL), which is about 90 miles away from the center of Dawsonville.

The best way to get to the center of Dawsonville is by car. There are no major highways connecting it to Atlanta, so you will have to take a number of smaller roads to get there.

If you are flying into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) and want to rent a car for your trip, you should allow plenty of time for traffic on the way up to Dawsonville. Traffic can get very congested at times and can cause delays that can make your drive longer than expected.