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28 April 2022

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History of Elmhurst Illinois

Elmhurst, which was founded in 1836, is located just west of Chicago, and is considered to be one of the best places to live in Illinois. It's known for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, and friendly atmosphere. Visitors can explore the city's history, enjoy natural beauty and recreation opportunities, or shop and dine in downtown Elmhurst.

The city itself was first settled by European Americans in 1836; however, the area was originally inhabited by the Potawatomi people. The original name of the settlement was Cottage Hill because many of the early settlers lived in cottages near a large hill. The community grew rapidly and became incorporated as a village in 1869. The town was renamed Elmhurst in 1871 after an elm grove that grew alongside Salt Creek. At that time, the community had fewer than 500 residents.

Several important industries were established in Elmhurst during its early years. One of the most prominent was the Struckman Tannery, which opened in 1850. For more than 100 years it produced leather for shoes until it closed down in 1973 due to industry changes and increasing competition from other parts of the country.

Elmhurst, Illinois is a city in DuPage County that has a population of nearly 44,000 residents. We have a rich and vibrant history, being founded in 1830 by a settler from New York named Joseph Kettlestrings. This name was eventually adopted as the new town's name to reflect the natural beauty of the area. Later on, after an influx of German immigrants arrived in Elmhurst, the name was changed to Elmhurst, which means "a grove of elms." Elm trees were planted all around our town as a tribute to its new name. Today, we are known for our beautiful parks and natural resources, including The Wilder Park Conservatory and the Elmhurst History Museum. Our town prides itself on being full of historic landmarks--it's one thing that makes us truly unique.

In 1882 when the railroad came to town, many businessmen and farmers moved to Elmhurst to take advantage of its convenient location along the train lines. Several businesses began to pop up along our streets, which led to further development and growth until it became incorporated as a village in 1882.

Landmarks in Elmhurst Illinois

The Wilder Mansion

Located on Prospect Avenue, the elegant Wilder Mansion is one of the most unique features of Elmhurst's landscape. This impressive Gothic-style building was built in 1894 for Josiah Wilder, who operated a successful grain elevator company called the Wilder Elevator Manufacturing Company. The house remained in the family until 1970, when it became the headquarters for Elmhurst College. Today, it's home to both Elmhurst College and the Elmhurst Historical Museum. The mansion has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1972.

Wilder Park

Wilder Park is another one of Elmhurst's prominent landmarks. The park is located on Prospect Avenue next to the Wilder Mansion and offers beautiful views of nearby Salt Creek and a restored wetland area.

Food in Elmhurst Illinois

Elmhurst Illinois is a small community in the Chicago suburbs. It is well known for being a town where its residents care about their health and where there are several local farmers markets as well as farmers who sell their products directly from their farms. One of the most popular places for people to buy food is at these farmers markets which often offer fresh produce, meat, dairy products and even baked goods. The Elmhurst Farmers Market is located on the corner of North Avenue and Main Street in downtown Elmhurst IL right next door to one of the local coffee shops that are also very popular with residents here which makes it easy for them to get their morning cup while shopping around town.

The other thing that makes Elmhurst stand out as a great place to live is its proximity to Chicago which means you can take advantage of all that this city has offer when you visit or move here. There is no shortage of things do while staying at an Elmhurst hotel with your family whether it be visiting museums such as The Art Institute or taking part in outdoor activities like hiking through the woods or biking on one trails throughout town.