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14 April 2022

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History of Elyria Ohio

Elyria, OH is a city located in the northeastern part of the state. It lies about 45 miles from Cleveland and 26 miles from Lorain.

The area now known as Elyria was originally inhabited by Native Americans. In the 18th century, European settlers began pushing westward from Pennsylvania and other eastern areas. It was officially found in 1795 and became a township in 1817. It was named after Heman Ely, who was one of the first settlers to move into the area. Elyria has continued to grow since its inception. The railroads played a huge part in that growth, which resulted in a large influx of new residents to the city.

The city of Elyria has been home to many notable people over the years including four United States Congressmen and numerous athletes. Sonny Siebert, an MLB pitcher, and Jerry Lucas, an NBA player, are just two examples of professional athletes that called this city home before they achieved stardom.

Elyria has experienced much growth since it's founding with several expansions over the years. The first expansion occurred in 1852 when it joined with Keystone Township and parts of Penfield Township.

The first European settlers arrived in 1817, after the United States acquired the land under the terms of the Treaty of Fort Industry with the native Americans. The city of Elyria was founded on June 23, 1817, by Heman Ely and others from Connecticut.

The settlement was named for Heman Ely as well as for his home town of Elyria, Ohio.

The local native Americans called it Nawa-kee-ta-das-wa-gonk, which means "two rivers meet", referring to the two rivers flowing into the Black River at the site.

At the beginning of its existence, Elyria had only three buildings. The first house was occupied by Heman Ely, one other was a store and tavern and the third was a blacksmith shop.

By 1834, Elyria's population grew to approximately 2,000 people. The city incorporated in 1834.[citation needed] By this time, industry had begun within the community with numerous mills and a stove foundry being built along the Black River. In 1842, a paper mill was built on West River Road near the Middle Avenue bridge (currently a recreational bike path). From its beginning, Elyria was a center of manufacturing activity within Lorain County.

Landmarks in Elyria Ohio

Elyria is a charming city in Ohio with a population of about 56,000. It's known for its picturesque downtown area, as well as its many parks and recreational areas. Many of the former industrial buildings in Elyria have been converted into attractive apartment complexes and lofts.

Elyria offers many amenities for residents to enjoy such as a public library system, several recreation centers, multiple parks and playgrounds, and even a farmer's market. The city also offers public transportation through Lorain County Transit which operates buses throughout the city and connects to other cities across the county.

Elyria is located in Lorain County Ohio and has a total area of 15 square miles. Its eastern border is Lake Erie which makes it easy to access nearby Cleveland. It's also within driving distance of Columbus and Toledo making it easy for residents to take advantage of all these cities have to offer while still living in a quiet suburb outside them (or commute).

Ely Stadium

Built in 1926, Ely Stadium was named after Elyria High School's first football coach. The stadium was renovated in 1989 and now seats 16,000 people.

The stadium is home to the Elyria Pioneers High School football team and hosts numerous community events.

The Spitzer House Museum

Built in 1844 by Ludwig Spitzer, the Spitzer House is still owned by the Spitzer family.

This house was not only a home for the Spitzer family but also a hub for community life. German immigrants would stay here while they were looking for permanent housing and musicians would play here at neighborhood parties. The house has been restored to its original beauty and features antique furniture, clothing and decorations from the 1800s.

Oberlin College

Located less than six miles from downtown Elyria, Oberlin College is a private liberal arts college that was founded in 1833. It has an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students and offers several majors.