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28 March 2022

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History of Howe Caverns New York

Howe Caverns is a cave that you can visit in New York. It's been more than 30 years since it was opened to the public, and it is now a very popular tourist destination.

Howe Caverns is located in a 500,000 square foot cave. Most of the cave has been carved out by humans at a rate of about 2 feet per year since the 1940s.

The history of Howe Caverns is filled with mystery and intrigue.

After World War I, the Howard family was looking for a place to escape to. Their summer home in Maine was destroyed by fire, and they needed somewhere else to escape to that would be free from winter and snowfall. They picked up a map of New York state and decided on Howe Caverns as the perfect retreat.

When they arrived at Howe Caverns, they were excited to see how smooth the stone walls were. The caves had only been opened for visitors once before, so there wasn't much knowledge about them at that time. However, things quickly changed after their arrival.

The Howe Caverns New York is a cave in the Green Mountains of Vermont that is historically significant for both its natural and art history. In the 19th century, people began exploring the caves, which opened up into a vast network of underground chambers and tunnels. The caves also have a rich history from an artistic perspective; they have been home to a number of artists over the years.

In 1892, photographer Mordecai Nager found himself in these caves when he was hired by the National Geographic Society to photograph them for publication in its magazine. At the time, Nager was only 22 years old, but his photographs of Howe Caverns are still considered some of his best work.

The National Geographic Society's editor-in-chief at the time, Clarence King, noted that "although [Nager] has seen many wonderful things in his life, this cavern is unique as being perfectly free from drapery and other accessories which seem to be so inseparable from modern photography."

Howe Caverns is a cave located in the Schoharie Valley of the Central New York Region of New York, near Howes Cave. It is open to the public as a show cave and is a major tourist attraction. Howe Caverns was discovered in 1842 by Lester Howe, and opened to the public in 1843. A two-story Greek Revival entrance building was built for the cave that same year, and a hotel was added across the street from it in 1852. The hotel was sold in 1928 and converted into apartments, but has since been restored as a bed & breakfast inn by the caves owners.

The caves are currently owned by Roger and Helen Pulver, along with their son Larry, who operate them as a tourist attraction under the name Howe Caverns Incorporated.

Howe Caverns is notable for being one of the few commercial caves in North America that still offers boat tours on an underground river; most others have replaced their river tours with walkways due to liability issues

Most of the cave is not lighted, so visitors are provided with hard hats fitted with carbide lights that have reflectors to help guide visitors through the cave. The lights are turned off periodically during each tour to give visitors a chance to experience total darkness.

How to get to Howe Caverns New York

From Albany: Take Interstate 90 West to Exit 25. Follow Route 20 West to Route 7 East. Take Route 7 East to Route 145 North (just past Canajoharie). Follow Route 145 North through town and follow signs to Howe Caverns on Route 145.

From New York City: Take the New York State Thruway (I-87) North to Exit 24. Take I-90 West to Exit 25. Follow Rt 20 West to Rt 7 East. Take Rt 7 East to Rt 145 North (just past Canajoharie). Follow Rt 145 North through town and follow signs to Howe Caverns on Rt 145.