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30 April 2022

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History of Humble Texas

Humble is a small Texas town that's been around for quite a while. It was first settled in 1828 and named by some of the area's first settlers, who were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The church members said they wanted to live in a place where they could be humble, free from persecution. The settlement started out as a lumber camp, with the trees being cut down by people who wanted to build houses or other structures. This area was later called "Timberman's Camp," which eventually evolved into today's town name: Humble, Texas.

Humble is located in Harris County, just north of Houston. It was incorporated in 1933 and has grown rapidly over the years! Today, there are many businesses and amenities located here, including an airport (IAH), several schools (public and private), two hospitals - Kingwood Medical Center and Houston Northwest Medical Center - as well as many restaurants, shopping centers and more!

Humble, Texas is among the top cities in the country for economic growth. Once a sleepy town with the motto "The City with a Heart", Humble has grown from a population of 350 residents in 1890 to just over 15,000 residents by 2010. Located 20 miles north of Houston, Humble has experienced significant growth since 2001, when it annexed Kingwood, a master-planned community within Harris County. The annexation resulted in an increase of over 26% of Humble's population.

Settlers began arriving in the area around Humble in the 1820s. The town was founded in 1893 by Pleasant Humble Smith and his wife, who were originally from Chicago. They named the city after the founder's cousin, Pleasant Smith Humble, who had been a surveyor for the Gulf and Santa Fe Railroad. The first post office opened in 1894 under the name "Humble Post Office".

In 1907, oil was discovered at what would become known as the Goose Creek Oil Field and production began on January 16th that year. On that same day, another oil well came into operation at nearby Humble Oil Field (later renamed ExxonMobil).

Landmarks in Humble Texas

The Old Humble Cemetery is located at 310 East Main Street and was established in 1894 by the city's founders. The cemetery has more than 1,000 graves that hold the remains of many important people in the town's history. A few notable residents include former mayor William I. Broun, who served from 1910 until 1916; Lester R. Brown and his wife Alice, who owned the land where most of downtown Humble sits today; as well as former city council members Lillian Martin and her husband Charles Martin Sr., who owned an ice cream parlor on Main Street called "Ice Cream City." This landmark offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about Humble's history while also visiting some interesting places such as Broun Memorial Park or Eager Park.

The Humble Oil Well was discovered by the Texas Company in January 1904. The well was located at what is now the intersection of First Street and Main Street in downtown Humble. The well produced oil for nearly 50 years.

Humble City Hall was built around 1902 as the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Wofford, Jr. From 1910 until 1927, it was used as Humble's first post office and contained living quarters for postmasters John Gentry and A.C. Lee and their families. The building was purchased by Humble Oil & Refining Company (now Exxon) in 1927, who sold it to the City of Humble in 1947 for use as city hall and police department headquarters.

Greenwood King Park is located in the heart of downtown Humble. On any given day, you can see families playing on the playground or friends enjoying the shade of one of the many trees in the park. The park is well-known for its beautiful rose garden and gazebo, which are both popular locations for wedding photos. Just next door is the Humble Civic Center and Arena Theater, which hosts various events throughout the year ranging from concerts to community meetings.