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hotels near joe louis arena detroit mi

27 January 2022

The below map shows Hotels Near Joe Louis Arena Detroit Mi

Louis Area was home to the great Detroit red wings before opening the main little Caesars grounds in early 2017. The arena was built in late 1979 for approximately $33.8 million and named after the legendary Detroit kickboxer Joe Louis. The stadium is one of the oldest and most iconic in the history of the NHL and was also one of the historical areas that maintained its initial name without any corporate sponsorship.

The 'Joe,' as it is known by many locally, was located adjacent to Detroit River next to the great Cobo Hall. The Detroit and operated owned the stadium by Ilitch Company, a company owned by Olympia Entertainment. In late 1977, the Red Wings founder and owner Bruce Norris made it public about his plans to build and design a new arena in Pontiac, once the closing of their all-time home Olympia Arean was finished. However, a better deal with the county of Detroit convinced Bruce to take over the great Joe Louis stadium following their end-season game at Olympia on the 15th of December 1979. The Red Wings played their opening game in the new stadium.

Public criticism of the new stadium was so high and rampant, all claiming that the arena's location conflicted with the river and created some traffic problems. Up to date, the Joe Luis is one of the iconic stadiums with a capacity of more than 20,000 in hockey games and over 22000 for musical and video concerts. Throughout its operation, the Luis stadium has hosted five Stanley cup games. In four of the Red, Wings games have emerged the winners. So, visiting this spot over the weekend means a historical capture and moments if you enjoy engineering masterpieces customized to fit in new designs.