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10 May 2022

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History of Kintnersville Pennsylvania

The history of Kintnersville Pennsylvania dates back to the mid-19th century. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1798, and it was incorporated as a borough in 1849. Today there are several buildings and other landmarks that reflect the town's past.

The area now known as Kintnersville was first settled by William Kintner in 1798. In 1806 he constructed a gristmill on the Perkiomen Creek, which would become known as Kintners Mill. The mill remained in operation until it was damaged by fire in 1834. A second mill was built at this location in 1837, but burned down again in 1863. A third mill was constructed at this site shortly after the end of the Civil War, but it burned down once again in 1895. The fourth and final mill at this site operated until 1949 when it was closed due to competition from larger mills that were located closer to railroad lines.

Kintnersville, Pennsylvania is a small village located in Montgomery County. It was named after James Kintner, a landowner in the area. Kintnersville was founded as a village in 1804 and has since been home to many people throughout the years.

One of the more famous residents of Kintnersville was William Nesbitt Reily. He was born in Ireland and immigrated to America with his family when he was just eleven years old. Reily became a farmer and later worked as a teacher at Kintnersville Academy, which later became known as Reily’s School. He eventually married Charlotte Lippincott, who helped him run the school during its early years. The academy eventually closed in 1874 due to poor attendance and financial issues.

If you are planning a trip to Kintnersville Pennsylvania, you should know that this is a small town with a population of about 3,000 people. The town is named after the first person who lived here, John Kintner.

Kintnersville is located in Bucks County and it was first settled in 1735 by John Kintner. The name of the town was not changed until 1839 when it was officially named Kintnersville after John Kintner.

John Kintner built his home on top of a hill overlooking the Neshaminy Creek and he called this place “Kintnersville” which means ‘John’s Town’ or ‘John’s Village’ in German. This name has been used ever since and now the town has grown into a lovely community where many people live and work today.

The first school house was built in 1803 and it was made out of logs with one room and no windows except for one small window at the top of it so that light could come inside during the day time hours only.

Food in Kintnersville Pennsylvania

The best way to find the perfect restaurant in Kintnersville Pennsylvania is to explore the city. Get out and walk around, check out the menus and prices, and then decide what's right for you. This can be a lot of fun, but it can also be time-consuming and frustrating.

We did all the hard work for you! Here are some suggestions for great places to eat in Kintnersville Pennsylvania:

The Apple Tree Restaurant - This restaurant has been around since 1925, so they know what they're doing! It's a family-owned business that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week. They have great food at reasonable prices, so there's no reason not to try them out!

The Red Robin - The Red Robin is known for its burgers, but they have much more than that on their menu! You can order anything from a steak salad to grilled salmon when you visit this restaurant. They have plenty of vegetarian options too!

How to get to Kintnersville Pennsylvania

By Car

If you're driving from Philadelphia, take Interstate 95 north to Exit 10 (Bristol) and continue on Route 413 toward Kintnersville. From New Hope, head south on Route 313 and follow it into Kintnersville.

By Train

The nearest train station is located at Levittown Station on the SEPTA R8 Lansdale/Doylestown Line. From this station, you can take a cab or walk to Kintnersville (about a mile). The trip takes about 30 minutes each way.

By Bus

The closest bus stop is at Levittown Station on the SEPTA R8 Lansdale/Doylestown Line. From this station, you can take a cab or walk to Kintnersville (about a mile). The trip takes about 30 minutes each way.