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30 April 2022

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History of Millville New Jersey

Millville, New Jersey began as a small town on the Maurice River. In its early days, the town served as a port for trade and was home to many mills. As time went on and the Industrial Revolution came about, Millville became known for its glass-making industry. The first glass factory in the U.S., Wheaton Village, still stands today. "Millville" gained its name when an act of the New Jersey legislature on March 1, 1801 set it apart from neighboring towns to become its own entity.

Millville was once home to several famous people: Charles K. Landis, founder of Vineland; John Colter, one of Lewis and Clark's famous explorers; and George Woodruff, creator of Woodruff's Extract (a non-alcoholic flavoring that is often added to soda water or ginger ale).

Though it no longer has glass factories thriving in its city limits like it had in the 1800s, Millville still draws thousands of tourists every year. With a wide variety of antique shops and historical sites to visit not to mention a huge outlet mall the town is full of things for everyone to do!

Millville was founded in 1801, when Joseph Smith and his family first moved to the area. The town is named for the many mills that were built along the Maurice River. In 1873, the name of the town was changed to Millville by the New Jersey Legislature. Glass-making became an important industry in Millville after Charles K. Landis purchased a sawmill at Union Lake in 1865. The glass industry led to the development of other businesses such as bottle stopper factories and glove factories, which also played significant roles in Millville's economy. In 1867, Landis established a company known as the Landis Glass Works. Later, he renamed it C. K. Landis Glass Factory.

Landmarks in Millville New Jersey

Millville, New Jersey is a small town in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It is considered part of the NJ/Philadelphia metropolitan area. It has a population of about 28,000 people and hosts many landmarks for tourists and residents to enjoy.

One of the most famous landmarks of Millville is Wheaton Village. This museum is an educational destination that displays glass art and glass-making techniques. Throughout the year and seasonally, the museum hosts events such as workshops and festivals.

Another popular attraction in Millville is The Levoy Theatre. The theatre has existed since 1908, but was renovated in 2002 to be used again as a venue for live performances.

Millville also hosts one of the longest running farmer's markets in all of New Jersey called Historic Downtown Farmer's Market. This market can be found on High Street every Wednesday during the summer months from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

The Levoy Theatre was originally built in 1908 as an opera house. It closed down in the 1960s, but was restored to its former glory in 2010 complete with a state-of-the-art stage and sound system. The theatre has hosted numerous events since its reopening, from Broadway plays to concerts and even ice shows!

Another historical landmark is the Glasstown Arts District. The district includes several local galleries and artists' studios that are open for public viewing during normal business hours. In addition, it hosts different festivals throughout the year that include food trucks and live entertainment!

The Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts (RRCA) is located in a historic firehouse building from 1879. This art center houses over 80 artist studios and galleries where visitors can view works by local artists. There are also art classes offered at this location if you'd like to learn some new skills or just try your hand at something new!