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10 April 2022

The below map shows Hotels Near Perris Ca

History of Perris California

Perris, California is a city located in central Southern California. The city was named after Fred T. Perris, the chief engineer of the California Southern Railroad Company. Fred T. Perris was the one who built the first railroad through the valley where the city is now seated. The City of Perris has a history that goes back to three centuries ago when it was part of a Spanish land grant. At that time, it was inhabited by Native American Indians who came from two different groups: Luiseno and Cupeño.

The year 1820 marked the arrival of a group of Mexican settlers that were sent to this area by the Spanish Governor of California, Pablo Vicente de Solá. These settlers were meant to establish a ranch settlement on Rancho San Jacinto Viejo, which was part of the Mexican land grant ordered by King Carlos III in 1767 called “Rancho San Jacinto” (now known as Valle Vista).

Perris Valley was once inhabited by Native Americans. This area was also part of the Mexican land grants during the Rancho San Jacinto in 1844. In 1882, the California Southern Railroad connected the area to Los Angeles, which provided an economic boost to the region. The Western Hotel was built in the 1890s and became a famous landmark for the city. The hotel burned down in 1922, but a replica was built on D Street in the 1980s. The town of Perris (named for Fred T. Perris, chief engineer of the California Southern Railroad) started with a depot, a post office and a store that was in operation since 1892.

In 1895, land was sold to build Southern Pacific Railway through Perris Valley. The town received its name from Fred T. Perris, chief engineer of the California Southern Railroad and later became the chief engineer of the Los Angeles Division of Southern Pacific Railroad Company. The first schoolhouse was built in 1898 by Mrs. Inez Meehan and opened on September 1, creating an influx of people into the new town.

Landmarks in Perris California

The City of Perris encompasses 37 square miles, strategically located at the intersection of I-215 and State Highway 74. The City is roughly 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 50 miles northwest of San Diego. Known as the Skydiving Capital of America, Perris has an extensive network of freeways and expressways that provide residents with quick access to many employment and recreation centers throughout Southern California.

The City is home to Lake Perris, which offers a variety of recreational opportunities including fishing, swimming, boating and camping. Lake Perris is California's newest state park, having been acquired in 1994 from Riverside County Flood Control District.

With its diverse population, picturesque neighborhoods and abundance of open space, Perris has become a desirable city for new businesses as well as families and individuals who are seeking a quality lifestyle.

The City's economy is expanding rapidly as new businesses take advantage of existing industrial parks, business centers and retail sites to locate or expand within the city. New commercial developments are also being built in areas along Highway 74 and Interstate 215.

Food in Perris California

Gino's Pizza Of Perris

Even though Gino's does pizza it does it better than any other place in town. A small family-owned joint that serves great pizza for lunch and dinner. The best thing about Gino's is that you can get any pizza as a calzone! They also have salads and sandwiches served with delicious garlic bread. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly.

Sushi Boy

This restaurant has been around for 30 years, so that should tell you something about their quality! Sushi Boy offers traditional Japanese dishes along with sushi. They offer Bento boxes that come with rice, miso soup and salad all for a very reasonable price! Their sushi is made fresh every day.