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14 February 2022

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Taunton, the seat of Bristol County, is located 40 miles south of Boston and 12 miles northeast of Fall River. It is situated on the Taunton River which winds its way from Raynham to Mount Hope Bay. The City has a land area of 27.8 square miles. According to the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau, Taunton has a population of 55,874 persons.

Taunton was first settled in 1637 by members of the Plymouth Colony, including Elizabeth Pole, the first woman to be tried by jury in North America. In 1638 it was incorporated as a town and in 1864 it became a city. The name "Taunton" was derived from "Town-on-the-River-Ton" or "Town-on-the-River-Don" which is thought to be named after either an English river or Celtic word meaning "fire".

Taunton is known for being the home of many ironworks established by Colonial settlers including the Raynham Iron Works and Walker's Forge, both founded in 1653 by John Walker and Joseph Dean.

It was discovered that the Taunton River is the longest coastal river in New England. The river valley is also one of the most heavily industrialized-urbanized areas in New England.

In 1712, Taunton was officially incorporated as a town, and in 1722, it became the county seat of Bristol County until 1856 when it was moved to New Bedford. During this time, the town's iron industry thrived. In 1803, Taunton became a city. From 1866 to 1888, it was the county seat of Norfolk County which separated from Bristol County in that year.

The Battle at Cohannet (Taunton) took place on May 26, 1676 during King Philip's War when 300 Mohawk warriors were ambushed and defeated by Captain Benjamin Church and his men at Mount Hope in what is now Bristol, Rhode Island.

As early as 1770, Taunton was called "the Iron Town" due to its numerous iron foundries and mills. The towns economy grew up around these industries until the mid-20th century when textile manufacturing fell apart after World War II and many local companies went out of business. It has since become a center for insurance, healthcare and banking instead.

Taunton is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts, United States. It is the seat of Bristol County. Taunton is situated on the Taunton River which winds its way through the city on its way to Mount Hope Bay, 10 miles (16 km) to the south. At the 2010 census, the city had a population of 55,874.

Taunton is a major manufacturing center and has been known since the colonial era for its iron industry. The city is also home to several large corporations including Monsanto and Hasbro, as well as both Stonehill College and Bristol Community College, each of which has satellite campuses in the city.

When you are hungry and in the mood for a good meal, there are many restaurants in the Taunton Massachusetts area to choose from.

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Taunton, Massachusetts is located in Bristol County. Taunton is known for its many parks and urban areas that are great for taking a stroll or enjoying an outdoor lunch. Taunton is also home to many event venues, such as the Taunton Public Library and the Taunton River.Here are some of the best places to visit in Taunton:

Taunton Public Library

Taunton River

Taunton Town Hall

The Oak Room Restaurant

Hanson Town Hall

Taunton Green