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20 March 2022

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History of Titusville Florida

The history of Titusville begins more than twelve thousand years ago, when Paleo-Indians lived on the land that would one day become Florida. In historic times, several Spanish and English expeditions visited the area during the 16th and 17th centuries. The area was first settled by Europeans in the late 18th century, when members of the Dummitt family arrived from South Carolina.

Several settlements were established in the area during the 19th century, which were incorporated as a city in 1887. During this time, the city became a popular destination for tourists who wished to take advantage of its scenic riverfront location, which was accessible via steamboat.

The city is named after Colonel Henry T. Titus, who played a major role in establishing a permanent settlement in the region. He died five years before Titusville was incorporated as a city and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery near downtown.

The best known event to occur in Titusville was the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln's alleged assassin John Wilkes Booth. A federal patrol boat stopped Booth and David Herold near Carrico's Mill (now Scottsmoor) on April 15, 1865; Herold was taken into custody and Booth was shot dead by Sergeant Boston Corbett after ignoring orders to surrender.

Titusville was once a small village named Sand Point. By the late 1800s, there were several families living in the area. When Henry T. Titus arrived in 1867, he built a house and store on the Indian River. He also built a dock to accommodate large steamers that brought supplies to settlers.

The main mode of transportation was by boat. In 1872, Titus and his family moved south to Melbourne and sold their interest in what would later become known as Titusville. Soon after, a man named Joseph Clark bought land adjoining Titus's original tract and developed it into what is now downtown Titusville.

A post office opened in July 1884 and was named Sand Point. In 1885, the town changed its name to Titusville. The city became incorporated in 1887 and with a population of about 100 residents at the time.

Henry Flagler built the first railroad in Florida from Jacksonville to Miami starting around 1880 with construction on the next phase down towards Titusville and Cape Canaveral beginning in 1886. The railroad had been completed all the way through to Cape Canaveral by 1890, but did not stop at Titusville until October 1894 when Henry Flagler extended his railroad as far north as Orlando and Kissimmee for tourism purposes.

Landmarks in Titusville Florida

As a city in Florida's Space Coast region, Titusville offers a wide variety of exciting attractions and landmarks to explore.

The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum in Titusville features exhibits highlighting the history of law enforcement, as well as a memorial wall dedicated to police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Visitors can also tour patrol cars and other police equipment. The Hall of Fame also plans various special events throughout the year, including National Police Week, which includes activities such as memorial services and 5K races.

Located on the Indian River Lagoon, the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary is an approximately 800-acre preserve that is ideal for exploring Florida's natural landscape. The sanctuary offers six miles of hiking trails as well as an observation deck overlooking a butterfly garden. Visitors can also take part in seasonal festivals, family-friendly celebrations and educational workshops throughout the year.

Located just south of Titusville, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge offers 140 miles of hiking trails along with canoeing and kayaking opportunities on Mosquito Lagoon. The refuge also has an extensive wildlife population that includes more than 320 species of birds and other animals such as manatees, alligators, dolphins and sea turtles.